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2540 Elm St. Dallas, TX. 75226

Erick was an artist from a young age, discovering his passions for drawing and painting while he was still a child. Eventually, he found his musical side as well, picking up the guitar and coming to tour the country playing his own unique musical stylings. He gradually found his complete personality, diving into photography, and since the early 2000s, he has been working as a photographer professionally.

Erick brings to each of his projects – whether in drawing, painting, music, and photography – a level of vigor that has won him widespread recognition. He has concentrated on portrait work for many years, and he is constantly picking up new long-term clients and even friends among the people who work with him for the first time.

Headshots, custom sessions, one-on-one shoots, and much more: Erick does it all, serving businesses, entrepreneurs, start-ups, and individuals to execute upon their visions effectively and efficiently. He is a master of marketing imagery and using social media to connect with broader audiences. He offers a variety of headshot and social media packages to fit all needs.

Based out of Dallas, Erick works in Deep Ellum, one of the most popular and eclectic music and art districts in the entire city. Outside of photography, he plays guitar and pedal steel with several local artists.

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